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Weaving With Light (2023), pigment & binder on Corplex, 400 x 460 x 38 cm 

Weaving With Light is composed of a series of undulating waves. I am interested in Monet’s use of what he called the ‘weather effect’: using an architectural facade as a place to capture the activity of phenomenal and environmental shifts. In my work the dappled light bathes the walls surface and absorbs changes in the temperature of light throughout the day, like a barometer. The panels appear simultaneously organic and architectural. Monumental in scale, yet hand-drawn; they are totally dense and as vaporous as air. 


Neurobiological research states that experiencing varying degrees of light and shadow positively impacts the circadian rhythm functioning (our body clock). What interests me is this internal system regulates our mood and wellbeing, therefore affecting the way we perceive and interact with the world around us. When surrounded by the colour yellow we release more serotonin, an important neurotransmitter in the day to night cycle.


The Baroque idea of the illuminated space beyond demonstrates that we are all heliotropic beings, tracking the movement of the sun. This artwork is as much about orientation as it is addressing the feeling of disorientation. Activating the internal compass invites reorientation and realignment through the exploration of light. 


Photo: Ollie Hammick

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