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Illuminated Time (2023)
Painted Mild Steel,  120 x 70  x 70 cm 

Installed at Stonelane Gardens for the Ashburner Sculpture award 2023 

Three sundials sit in different locations, catching the morning, afternoon and last light of the day. The circular discs symbolise the stone circles found locally to Dartmoor National Park, many of which are said to be aligned for sun worship.  Only by taking shelter are the cardinal points revealed. North, East, South and West markers are illuminated throughout the day as the sunlight floods the gap in between the two discs. You are invited to lay down, watch the sky, treetops and daydream. 

I am interested in the bodies relationship to the changing temperatures in light throughout the day to night cycle. The circadian rhythm system (our body clock) measures these shifts in light throughout the day, regulating mood and well-being, entirely effecting our relationship to the world around us.  

Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 21.35.09.png
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